Nurturing our Past. Engaging with our Future.


Our mission is to promote interaction between Vlerick and Solvay alumni living in Switzerland, facilitate their integration within the Swiss business community and help them to develop a meaningful local professional network.


We organize business events and activities that provide opportunities to interact, exchange experiences and expertise. By being active and visible, we contribute to the building of the solid reputation of our two schools.


Our 2011 co-founders:

Bart Deconinck, Michel Loeb, Alexandre Grutman, and Jim Hershkowitz.

Our current Geneva and Zurich organizing team members: 
Ria Vrancken, Carolin Hafner, Frank Vander Stede and Virginie André.

... and also thanking all our past organizing team members: 
Kris Van Ransbeek, Lieven Vermaele, Laurence Thassier, Kevin Crevecoeur, Alexandra Thorey ...

Laura Garcia Gil
Business Accelerator Switzerland & Belgium
Alexandre Grutman
HealthTech & Assisted Living Entrepreneur
Philippe Gruyters
Connecting manufacturers and retailers
Thomas Marty
Higher Education & Research Management
Raymond Palmen
Industry Executive
Jérôme Vasamillet
Wealth Management & FinTech
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